APTR – A Place To Remember

Palawan Resorts: Welcome to A Place to Remember. A Place You will Never Forget!

APTR – A Place To Remember is a beach resort in El Nido Palawan. This is one of the El Nido Resorts Frequented by tourists because of teh easy access it gives to almost all the tourist spots. This is located at the beach front in El Nido, an automatic plus for any foreinger. You can readily explore the beauty of Bacuit Bay, plus this is conveniently located near the jetty port where you can take boats to the wonderful places . As one of the Palawan Resorts frequented by tourists, they do consider that this is a visit that you should remember, there fore they have a nice service ready for you.

APTR – A Place To Remember is known for the best service available in the area. the hotel provides a nice coffee shop for those that want to socialize in the morning ( or any hour of that day for that matter ), nice shuttles for guest travels and WIFI for those that just can’t let go of the city life even on vacation. All amenities are made with comfort in mind – your comfort. A bar / restaurant with the best view of bacuit bay – giving you the best dining view. Truly a place to remember.


Our Services

APTR – A Place To Remember give guests nice comfort in El Nido Palawan. If you are looking for a good accommodation in El Nido, you should definitely consider this place.

  • Pick up at El Nido Terminal / Transfers / Shuttle Service
  • Internet Access-WiFi,  Laundry Service and Massage Services
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Tour and Travel Desk for your travels : Island Hopping Tours and  Private / Special Tours

How To Get There

The resort offers a shuttle service – get a reservation contact them. It should be pretty easy to locate one of the most notable El Nido resorts.

Contact APTR – A Place To Remember

Address: Serena St., El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:
Mobile Phone Numbers:   +639 48 288 2762
Email: cgraplacetoremember@gmail.com
Website: http://www.aplacetorememberinn.com/

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