Lagen Island

El Nido Resorts: Lagen Island is a haven inside a 4 hectare forest. This eco – sanctuary island resort has one of the most dense forests out of all the islands of bacuit bay. This becomes a sanctuary for the diverse fauna and flora. This resort, along with the island, has become home to endemic species – giving this its natural appeal. Guests are allowed to hike through the forest and see nature at its most pristine moments. You can course through the mangrove, or watch in awe of the rock formations.

Lagen island has nice villas along the shoreline with a backdrop of different greens. The clear blue water meets the sand seamlessly. The accommodations are superb – very comfortable and elegant. Restaurant offers a nice ambiance, like a cozy, classy, metro pop restaurant.


El Nido Resorts Features

  • Spa, Swimming
  • Table Soccer,  Volleyball, Table Tennis
  • Kids Activity Center
  • Gym, Badminton, soccer
  • Frisbee, Billiards
  • Mangrove Exploration
  • Bird Watching

Lagen Island Accommodations and Rates

There are 50 rooms in Lagen Island. These are built with luxury and elegance in mind. Some of the construction materials were built from recycled lumber from old Filipino homes. These add to the homey appeal of the rooms. The Private veranda opens through a glass sliding that goes all through out the ceiling.

The 20 forest rooms are located just at the edge of the forest. The forest room complex offers 4 Forest Suites. These are huge, with 70 sq m, with twin vanities and a bath tub. 18 water cottages on stilts just may be a favorite among guests who love the water. These house on stilts have a panoramic vies of the cove, each spacious enough with 53 sq m of area.

How To Get There

From Manila via El Nido, Palawan

AirSwift travels from Manila to El Nido Palawan daily. The travel time is 55 minutes. From the El Nido airport, you’ll need to have to a 45 minute boat ride to Lagen Island.


From Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan

You can go to El Nido from Puerto Princessa through a 6 hour land travel to Taytay, then another one and a half hour form Taytay to El Nido.


This is part of the collection of El Nido Resorts that are featured by Palawan Resorts and Hotels because of its quality of accommodati

Contact Lagen Island

Address: Lagen Island, El Nido, 5313 Palawan
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers: Tel: +63(2) 902 5980
Mobile Phone Numbers:  

Most Palawan resorts have their own transportation arrangements for airport transfers and tours. Please feel free to contact your EL Nido Resorts early. They can also help you on your reservations. Most will also offer packaged tours for the underground River, Honda Bay and city tour.

 There are a lot of El Nido Resorts to choose from. Please feel free to go through the different accommodations that is fit for you.

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