Go Hotels Puerto Princesa

Go Hotels Puerto Princesa Review

Go Hotels Puerto Princesa is resort located at Puerto Princesa .This resort in Puerto Princesa offer great amenities like Airport Transportation,Laundry Service,an information center to aid guests and with free parking space .There are activities to do in the resort. Guests get to enjoy the food services (cafe/resto).

The resort is also close to some of the best food locations in Puerto Princesa .One can easily go food tripping to places like Fat Tony's Restaurant,Ka Inato and Matiz Restaurant and Tapas Bar.

For an extended adventure in Puerto Princesa you can also drive around the place. Local tourist spots less than an hour drive from the resort are Daytripper Private Chartered Trips,Arena Island Turtle Sanctuary – Day Tour and Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour.

Go Hotels Puerto Princesa Features

Top Resort Features:
  • In-house Restaurant
  • WIFI internet access
  • Go Hotels Puerto Princesa Accommodations

    Accommodation choices include standard rooms (non-smoking).Room rates on average can range from ₱1,058 up to ₱3,777 . These are only estimates and prices can vary. It is always best to contact the resort directly for an accurate listing of rates.The rooms of the resort / hotel have air conditioning.There are 108 rooms in the resort / hotel for overnight stay.Please be sure to have a reservation for your planned stay. Walk – ins, especialy those that want to stay overnight, may not be accommodated during peak seasons.

    Things you may want to know when booking:
  • For smaller events and functions, there are meetings rooms to suit your business needs. Intimate events are of course very much welcome.
  • The resort has room service.
  • The nice swimming pool will always be a treat during hot afternoons.
  • The concierge service will give you the best service for any needs in the area.
  • The rooms have small fridges perfect for those who want to stack on drinks and more food.
  • There are a lot of restaurants in the area and you can always dine in the in house restaurant.
  • Parking is of course provided for by the resort.
  • The resort has room service.
  • The concierge service will give you the best service for any needs in the area.
  • Contact Details

    Address: Puerto Princesa North Road | Brgy. San Manuel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island, Philippines

    If you own Go Hotels Puerto Princesa Please contact us and let us know for any issues regading the information below. We would like to hear from you. You can also give us more details about the resort and we would gladly update our files.