Tarabanan Resort and Restaurant

Puerto Princesa Hotels: Tarabanan Resort and Restaurant is a resort located in the norther side of Puerto Princesa.This is a resort that offers a private view of Honda Bay – the open view that is This is a nice place to visit for your holiday if you want secluded places and just want to be left alone in peace. If you want to venture to the natural garden of Palawan , then this is the place for you. The resort is very easy to find as it is right by the highway. Goign through Palawan will also be very easy – and very accessible.

Tarabanan Resort and Restaurant Features

This is a nice place for excursions if visitors want to have a long day at Honda Bay, some nature camping or treks – This is a place for nature lovers. The activities can be handled by the resort staff – included in their team are very experienced tour guides, learned of every tourist spot of the area. Please feel free to coordinate with the resort in advance to be sure of the availability of the tour requirements and personnel that will be attending for your needs.

Tarabanan Resort and Restaurant Accommodations and Rates

There are 2 types of cottages in the area, there are made naturally from the available materials. Each of these accommodations offer a great view of the sea.  The accommodations are faithful with the rates: Fair and reasonable. Puerto princesa is known to have a lot of hotels – always know that you should shop for what the best accommodations your money can buy. This is where the great value for money of this resort comes in: having a great holiday for the least amount of trouble.

Contact Tarabanan Resort and Restaurant

Address: Puerto Princesa City, 5300 Palawan
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Website: http://tarabanancottages.palawanshore.com/

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